New Monster Jam Trucks for 2017

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The two newest additions to the Monster Jam® lineup have been named and final preparations are being made for the 2017 season.

These trucks were announced during the Sept. 7 Facebook Live preview show and the millions who watched had a sneak peek at the earliest renderings. What those viewers didn’t get, though, were the names.

MegalodonTM, the long awaited “Shark”, will be menacing arenas across the country as a pair of finned creations will circle the nation as part of the Triple Threat SeriesTM Central presented by AMSOIL and a select arena tour. Former Supercross racer Justin Sipes will make his Monster Jam debut in Megalodon on the Triple Threat Central circuit with Monster Jam veteran Alex Blackwell given the responsibility of handling the second Megalodon.

The previously named “Dump Truck” will be called EarthShakerTM. Designed to replicate the heavy equipment similar to that used for creation of Monster Jam tracks, EarthShaker will visit the arenas of Triple Threat Series East with second-generation driver Tristan England taking the controls.

Be the first to see these new trucks in Monster Jam competition.

Megalodon (Alex Blackwell) – Tulsa, OK (Jan. 7-8), N. Charleston, SC (Jan. 13-14), Hampton, VA (Jan. 20-21), Raleigh, NC (Jan. 27-28), Rochester, NY (Feb. 3-5), Columbia, SC (Feb. 10-11), Oklahoma City, OK (Feb. 18-19), Wichita, KS (Feb. 24-25), Council Bluffs, IA (Mar. 3-5)

Megalodon (Justin Sipes) – Nashville, TN (Jan. 7-8), Greensboro, NC (Jan. 13-14), Louisville, KY (Jan. 20-21), Washington, DC (Jan. 28-29), Kansas City, MO (Feb. 3-5), Pittsburgh, PA (Feb. 10-12), Rosemont, IL (Feb. 17-20), Baltimore, MD (Feb. 24-26), Allentown, PA (Mar. 3-5), Providence, RI (Mar. 10-12)

EarthShaker (Tristan England) – Birmingham, AL (Jan. 6-7), Worcester, MA (Jan. 13-15), Albany, NY (Jan. 21-22), Newark, NJ (Jan. 28-29), Charleston, WV (Feb. 3-4), Richmond, VA (Feb. 10-11), Cleveland, OH (Feb. 18-19), Wilkes-Barre, PA (Feb. 24-26), Bridgeport, CT (Mar. 3-5), Grand Rapids, MI (Mar. 10-12)

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