The Hulk Monster Truck Article

For this installment of my blog I think I’ll talk about comic book sponsored monster trucks.  Not all monster trucks though, just one.  The Incredible Hulk, and much like the real Hulk, this machine only shows itself rarely and overseas.

Let’s put in a little back-story about the Hulk.  Back in 2003 Marvel teamed up with Monster Jam to run three teams in the Monster Jam series.  Monster Jam would run the three trucks as Wolverine, Spiderman, and The Hulk.  The Hulk monster truck was set to debut around the same time as The Hulk movie that was directed by Ang Lee and starred Eric Bana, however the deal though fell through at the last minute and The Hulk theme was pulled. The Dan Patrick built monster truck that was supposed to be The Hulk became Monster Mutt.

Back in 2003 Monster Jam was owned by Clear Channel.  It is part of a motorsports package that includes big name sanctioning bodies including the IHRA, Super-cross, Arena-cross, and Nuclear Cowboyz.  Clear Channel sold its motor-sports division to Feld, aka the owner’s of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

The Feld Group now owns Monster Jam and its sanctioning body The United States Hot Rod Association (U.S.H.R.A.) and upon a recent online interview it is known that they own 42 race ready monster trucks including big names like Grave Digger and Maximum Destruction.

Since Monster Jam is the largest promoter of monster truck events.  Those 42 trucks along with independently owned trucks are split up and run all across the U.S.  The 2014 season will actually start in December of this year at the Metrodome in Minneapolis and end at the World Finals event in Las Vegas at the end of March.

After Vegas is done. Monster Jam runs a Summer Heat series, but its event schedule is relatively light.  So Monster Jam takes it trucks overseas and has a European tour!  With the European tour, certain truck themes and or sponsorships show up on the trucks, including The Hulk!  I really have now idea why they only run The Hulk theme overseas.  I would imagine that it is because of the original agreement signed back in 2003.

The truck is really an eye-catcher.  Following the original idea of 1951 chop-top Mercury.  The machine just looks tough! Underneath the fiberglass body is a very strong and nimble CRD chassis.  The supercharged 540 cubic inch Chevrolet block engine produces about 1,450 horsepower on alcohol, it may not be as strong as the big green guy that we see in the Avengers movie, but it can run and jump over tall obstacles just the same!

Alas, as the European tour comes to a close, it look’s like The Hulk will once again disappear into the wilds just like Bruce Banner tried to do in WWHulk. Perhaps, Feld will see the popularity of this character and run it back here in America.  It would be awesome to see this machine on the track and being able to chant HULK SMASH!  HULK SMASH!  HULK SMASH! HULK SMASH!