Dan Runte of Bigfoot To Retire From Racing

SOURCE OF NEWS | Bigfoot 4x4 Website

Now that the 2016 season is fully underway, we look towards the end of a spectacular phase of BIGFOOT history. Dan Runte, arguably the best BIGFOOT driver of all time, is winding down his career as a full-time BIGFOOT® Driver. Dan’s importance to BIGFOOT ranks right up there with all the greats including Jim Kramer and even Bob himself. Dan has helped, tested, and driven almost every “new” BIGFOOT truck since he started in early 1989. His invaluable input has helped us to make our many BIGFOOT trucks the best possible.

To try and list all of Dan’s accomplishments would be nearly impossible. He is arguably one of the most decorated and best monster trucks drivers in history. Over his career he has been the fastest and jumped the farthest. He has won more races than any BIGFOOT driver in history.Dan has appeared in movies, television shows, and countless commercials. Dan’s value to the whole monster truck industry is second to none.

Dan is a consummate professional and has always been a great ambassador to our sport. There is not a monster truck driver out there who has had contact with Dan that hasn’t learned something from him or helped him in some way. Dan is always fast with offering help and giving advice to other drivers and crew, and has even been known to jump in and help with running shows.

There is so much to be said about Dan that we could go on forever. We are going to miss seeing him racing full-time, but we are looking forward to Dan working in the office and in the shop on a more regular basis. We welcome his past experience and know that he can help us improve our current and new drivers, in addition to helping improve our fleet of BIGFOOT trucks and our relationships with our sponsors.

We hate to see you go, but welcome you to your next adventure in monster trucking.

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