Horsepower Photography: All Star Monster Truck Tour from Jennerstown Speedway | 2019

Event: All Star Monster Truck Tour
Venue: Jennerstown Speedway
City/State: Jennerstown, PA
Date: July 27, 2019
Photography By: Dustin Parks of Horsepower Photography | Visit Horsepower Photography on Facebook. Follow Link >

Monster Truck Lineup

Pretty Wicked (with driver Lindsey Rettew), War Wizard (with driver RJ Turner), Stinger Unleashed (with driver Zane Rettew), Bigfoot (with driver Mike Miller).


About The Photographer

A fan since 1988, at the age of 3, Dustin became more involved in the monster truck industry in the last decade. Through his website, All About Horsepower, and images at Horsepower Photography, he provides great insight into the sport.