Monster Power: Episode 04 | Harrisburg, PA - Monster Truck Racing | 2019

Episode Information

After show one, attrition maybe setting in, but that will do little to stop the giants of motorsports from putting on a show. Triton Robbins and Jessica Braukmann both came away from the matinee with wins; can they do it again?

Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex | Visit Website
Promoter: Monster Truck Thunder
City/State: Harrisburg, PA
Year: 2019
Videographer: Back Channel Productions | Visit Back Channel Productions on Facebook
Monster Truck Lineup: Shockwave (driven by Billy Braukmann), BeAware (Jessica Braukmann), Nothing But Trouble (Wayne Solly), General Hazzard (Cooter Cornelius), Instigator (Bill Solly), and KrazyTrain (driven by Triton Robbins).

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