Monster Power: Episode 05 | Pocatello, ID - No Limits! Grand Nationals | 2019

Episode Information

The No Limits! Grand Nationals returns to Pocatello. Larry Quick in Ghost Ryder rolls into the final race of the winter with a five-race win streak, but the rest of the field has it on kill to try to unseat the multi-time champ! Big air, upsets, close calls, and carnage are all a part of the happening on this night in the "Minidome"!

Holt Arena | Visit Website >
Promoter: Checkered Flag Promotions | Visit Website >
City/State: Pocatello, ID
Date: April 6, 2019
Videographer: Back Channel Productions | Visit Back Channel Productions on Facebook
Monster Truck Lineup: Sniper (driven by Walley Turner), Ghost Ryder (driven by Larry Quick), Bigfoot #15 (driven by Mike Miller), Snakebite (driven by Sid Sidewinder), Un-Named and Un-Tamed (driven by Sam Sturges), Rat Attack (driven by Jacob Ladwig), Girl Power (driven by Shannon Quick), Wicked Sickness (driven by Mark Andrew), and Xtreme Diesel (driven by Dave Radzierez).