Monster Power: Episode 07 | Brookville, PA - Monster Truck Racing | 2019

Episode Information

View Monster Power Episode 07 Monster Truck Racing from the Jefferson County Fair in Brookville, PA. Presented by Back Channel Productions. JM Motorsport Productions returns to kick off the 2019 summer series. Team 2xtreme Racing’s Bounty Hunter and Jekyll & Hyde take on the east coast legends Black Stallion and Overkill Evolution to see who will be the king of Brookville!

Promoter: JM Motorsports Productions | Visit Website
Venue: Jefferson County Fair | Visit Website
City/State: Brookville, PA
Date: May 18, 2019
Videographer: Back Channel Productions | Visit Back Channel Productions on Facebook
Monster Truck Lineup: Black Stallion (with driver Mike Vaters), Overkill Evolution (with driver Matt Cody), Jekyll & Hyde (with driver Alex Bardin), and Bounty Hunter (with driver Jeff Souza).