Pro Mini Monster Trucks for Sale

Pro Mini Monster Trucks for sale from Uncle Tod Motorsports.

K & J Monster Trucks, Inc. and Uncle Tod Motorsports, Inc. are the leading operators and fabricators of Mini Monster Trucks in the United States.

As the originators and pioneers of the Extreme Sport of Mini Monster Trucks and Pro Mini Monster Trucks, the Kid KJ and Team Kid KJ Brand are leaders in the industry. K & J and Uncle Tod have teamed up with other professionals to produce and fabricate both 1/3 scale and ½ scale Mini Monster trucks and Pro Mini Monster Trucks . The company has been in business since 2009 and has been running the Team Kid KJ brand nationally ever since! Our 1/3 scale chassis are built to the required standards in the industry as full size trucks and use 1 ½ to 1 ¾ tubing and the ½ scale are built using 2”. We invite you to check out our trucks at our website and see us on youtube!

Chassis start $4,000.00 for 1/3 scale and $6,000.00 for ½ scale. Complete trucks new and used are available for sale. Call to discuss your build or for parts that you may need. We invite you to visit our booth at SEMA each year and see our trucks on display at the PRI show.

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