The Monster Jam All Star Challenge Lets Your Pick the Competitors!

Monster Jam World Finals 20 found a new home in Orlando this year. That’s ok though, because a new type of Monster Jam event is coming to Sam Boyd Stadium on October 11-12, 2019, the Monster Jam All Star Challenge. The best part is that you, the fans get to choose who will compete there in team-based competitions! That’s right, the inaugural event will showcase team competitions with trucks competing in racing, freestyle, and the all-new best trick competition. Voting started in later part of May and there isn’t much time left before the voting is closed!

So far, the top ten drivers picked so far are:

  • Adam Anderson

  • Krysten Anderson

  • Ryan Anderson

  • Neil Elliott

  • Jim Koehler

  • Brianna Mahon

  • Cam McQueen

  • Charlie Pauken

  • Coty Saucier

  • Team BroDozer

Over 150,000 voters have already been chosen their favorites. The voting will end on June 24, 2019 with the top 10 securing a spot in the prestigious field. You can still get your favorite competitor a spot in this field of favorites. To do so, just go to Select up to 10 different competitors and submit your vote! Once the results are tallied, the selected competitors will be “drafted” to become part of team Fire or team Ice.

Why just vote though? You can also get tickets to the All Star Challenge and see team Fire and team Ice battle it out in person. To purchase tickets, just follow the link! | Purchase Tickets >