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what to know when submitting to the site

For Photo Submissions, when submitting by the form above, only a Dropbox or similar file storage site will work. Opening your email and sending pictures should work fine by whatever means you use. At Monsters Monthly, we will only add our logo to the photo's that we take. Your photos are your's alone, were just giving them a place to be seen and to be optimized! If you take photos for a competitor site, still submit your photos, I don't care what logo's it has of them, give yourself all the exposure you can! Everyone will benefit from the expansion of  the Monsters Monthly footprint! Send A Maximum of 50 Photos, Why? more than 50 will start to slow down the page they are on, plus people will just skip over massive galleries! Also, send a nice description with your gallery including your name, handle, website, event name, date, year, etc. Monsters Monthly has a sophisticated SEO platform, and the more detail that I give equals a higher SEO search result! 

For Instagram, you can send Monsters Monthly a Dropbox link via the form above. Be sure to include your Instagram handle, a description, location, and year. If you don't want to submit just add the @monstersmonthly or #monstersmontly to your photos on Instagram and I'll repost it my feed. The main focus is giving you the proper credit for your photos!

Don't have Dropbox? Click here to download it, or go to!