Monster Truck Nationals Points Series Update

 Bigfoot 19 with driver Darren Schnell. Photo courtesy of the Monster Truck Nationals at

Bigfoot 19 with driver Darren Schnell. Photo courtesy of the Monster Truck Nationals at

Bigfoot, the original monster truck is quickly leaving the competition behind on the Monster Truck Nationals Tour. In the current racing standings, driver Darren Schnell is a full 350 points ahead of second place competitor, Tail Gator and Doug Noelke. The season is still young though, and the championship is still within everyone’s grasp.

In freestyle though, Noelke is in complete control with a total of five wins to Bigfoot’s one. In the donut competition Bigfoot leads over Derick Anson and Heavy Hitter, although Anson missed the first event in Sioux City, Iowa.

Tail Gator also leads in the donut competition with four wins over Dalton Van Skyock and Predator’s one win. Denver Echtemkamp also has one victory in this competition, which he achieved in Sioux City.

The long jump competition is anyone’s game though. Bigfoot and Heavy Hitter both share 2 wins with Venom and Tail Gator both sharing one.

Just in case your wonder about how the truck accumulate points, it goes as follows:

Monster Truck Racing: truck receive 25 points for competing. 50 points for second place, and 100 points for the win.

Freestyle and Wheelie Points: the truck with the most wins will take the season title in the respective categories.

Here are the current standings as of January 29:


  1. All American Bigfoot: 600 points
  2. Tail Gator: 250 points
  3. Hotsey High Pressure: 175 points
  4. Predator: 150 points
  5. Heavy Hitter: 100 points
  6. Venom: 75 points


  1. Tail Gator with 5 wins
  2. All American Bigfoot with 1 win


  1. All American Bigfoot with 5 wins
  2. Heavy Hitter with 1 win


  1. Tail Gator with 4 wins
  2. Predator with 1 win
  3. Venom with 1 win

Long Jump

  1. All American Bigfoot with 2 wins
  2. Heavy Hitter with 2 wins
  3. Venom with 1 win
  4. Tail Gator with 1 win

The next stop for the Monster Truck Nationals is in Corbin, KY. Bigfoot, Hotsey, Predator, and Tail Gator are all going to be there to continue the points chase!