Damon Bradshaw Press Release

Recently, Monster Jam put out a article about driver changes for the 2017 season, including Todd Leduc behind the wheel on the Monster Energy Monster Jam Truck. The question on everyone's mind though was "What happened to Damon Bradshaw"? Monster Jam wished him the best on his future endevors, but did not give a reason to why he had left. Damon recently posted a press release on this Facebook Page, and I wanted to post it on Monsters Monthly and share his reasons for leaving Monster Jam.

From Damon's Facebook
As I turn the page in my Motorsports career, I want to take a moment to thank Monster Jam for an incredible 10-year ride, my crew, TJ & Melissa, my sponsors who continue to make this possible, and most importantly- my fans for their endurance over the years. 2017 brings new endeavors and I can't wait to share what's next! -DB

Press Release
(February 2, 2017)- Fans have noticed Damon Bradshaw has not been driving in the Monster Jam series in 2017, and that has led to some speculation and false rumors. Damon wants to clear up the story with this message to his fans.

Damon Bradshaw has been a contracted driver since beginning his driving career in 2007, but a new employment agreement and a short time to work out the details between Bradshaw and Feld Motor Sports, Inc. left him with no agreement reached at the time of the first round on January 14, 2017, in Anaheim, CA. Damon had every intention and desire and was fully prepared to continue as a Monster Jam competitor and as a driver of the Monster Energy monster truck, but the contract issue prevented that. Damon is sorry to disappoint his fans and is also personally disappointed not to be continuing with the series in 2017. Damon worked up to the final minute to try to make this 2017 season happen; Damon said, “I had all intentions of signing and sent them a “letter of intent” while I was at my first event in Anaheim, which would allow time for my legal team to clarify the language used in the agreement.”

But an agreement was not reached in time. Damon said, “I wanted to prevent the possibility of having signed a multi-year deal that would form a conflict of interest with regard to any of the sponsorships that I have had from racing motorcycles. I have been signing independent contracts as an athlete since I was eight years old, most of which were much more lucrative deals that included bonus incentives. All of those relationships were founded on my eagerness to win races and my drive and determination to be the best in my sport. The sponsors that I have had the pleasure of working with in my career were all relationships built with a mutual respect, integrity and loyalty and most all of those companies have continued to support my racing endeavors, which speak volumes in terms of trust.”

Bradshaw stated, without regret, that he will continue in motorsports as a Monster Energy Athlete, racing competitor and brand ambassador. “I have been racing my entire life and I owe it to myself, my family, sponsors and my fans to have the ability to decide what type of racing I chose to participate in, what sponsorships I remain associated with, and where and how my likeness, image and name is used. Whether I am racing an event or participating with research and development of products used in racing, my ideas, decision making and representation in motorsports is part of who I am as a professional athlete. There is no amount of money that is worth me giving up the rights to my personal legacy. I have sacrificed too much for too long. Business is business. Respect is earned.”

Bradshaw remains confident that his decision in not signing the agreement will not affect his determination and drive to continue winning races and promoting the motorsports industry that has supported his entire career.

Bradshaw will continue on as a Brand Ambassador to Monster Energy Corporation, and he ended in saying, “I appreciate all of the support that I have had in my racing career. To my family, sponsors and the many fans who have been following my career for decades. This is just the beginning of a new era in my passion to race and I look forward to all of what 2017 has in store for me.”

About Damon Bradshaw: After a successful career in professional Motocross, Supercross, and Arenacross in which Bradshaw was a crowd favorite and held the nickname, “The Beast from the East,” Bradshaw took his aggressive style into monster truck competition as the driver of the Air Force Afterburner and later the Monster Energy monster truck. He won the Rookie of the Year award and two years later was crowned as the 2009 Freestyle World Champion at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition to these titles, Bradshaw set a new track record in Las Vegas as the fastest qualifier and has won many events around the globe in both racing and freestyle.

-Associated Press