Revisiting the 1991 Special Events Penda Points Series

The power of Youtube and the VHS tape. Old shows that I thought were gone for good are now online for my viewing pleasure. Back in the day, the old TV Guide was my light in the dark for monster truck racing.

I wanted to take to look back at the 1991 Penda Points Series. This series hosted by Special Events and sponsored by Penda Bedliners took place at the 4 Wheel and Off-Road Jamborees from spring to fall. What you may not know is that this series has now become one of the most nostalgic in monster truck history. It combined a mix of invitation trucks and open qualifying. Also, three world champions competed in this series including Bigfoot, from TNT Motorsports, Taurus; from USA Motorsports, and Bearfoot; from the USHRA.  These three heavy hitters competed alongside other legends such as USA-1, Equalizer, Carolina Crusher, Nightlife, Outlaw, Clydesdale, King Krunch, No Problem, Micro Machines, Nitemare, and many more. 

There were also multiple winners from race to race, so the points chase was critical from week to week, and I won’t spoil it by telling you who the 1991 champion was. You will just have to watch this amazing series and find out!

A special thank you goes out to Dalton Hastings for having these events on his Youtube Channel. Be sure to add his channel to your subscriptions for future monster truck action on the tube. I added all of the races below in order for your viewing pleasure. The only thing that is odd is that TNN did not air the first of the Canfield races, I’m not sure why? Maybe it was due to bad angles or lighting. The rest are below in all of their 1991 glory. So, sit back and enjoy the 1991 Penda Points Series.