Monsters Monthly is Brand New.

Updated, July 2016

Hey again monster truck fans. After several months of watching analytics. I've decided that Monsters Monthly main focus will be an Events site. Why? Well there aren't any others out there that can give thorough listings of events with directions on how to get to them, or the chance to buy tickets if available. Sure we'll still have photos, news, and articles. But the main focus is getting you fans out to the events! - Monsters Monthly

Hey monster truck fans, Monsters Monthly is now online! Don’t be too hasty to cast us off after one view. Our site is brand new and will take some time to grow. Our goal is to not only add event photos, monster truck events, links, and all of the usual jargon to the site that has become the norm, but also bring more personal stories from the owners and drivers of these massive machines on a corporate and independent level. Another thing that I want to do is share all of the old monster truck media that has been sitting in boxes for years.

The original idea for Monsters Monthly came from the old Truckworld Online website that some of us old school internet folks may remember. Monsters Monthly was a wonderful insight to the monster truck world. Before that you could only find monster truck information from off road magazines that were too quickly stepping away from monster trucks.

Monsters Monthly was our haven! Every month I would look forward to the newest edition to see what was going on. Unfortunately, Monsters Monthly quickly died out after merging with another website. At the time I had my own monster truck website. It was East Tennessee Monster Trucks and then became (Good Grief what a URL!). Those sites (established in the late 90’s) were the foundation of my beginnings in web design.

While both of those sites are now gone. is still a viral hot bed to this day, oh the mistake we learn! I stepped out of web design after that and remained out until me and a buddy established, a geek media themed website. The Big Bang Life has become a nice source for geek related media and cosplay photography, but I always wanted to get back into the monster truck web side of things.

And now I can with all of the new HTML editors out there! No more hours of coding to put up content. The biggest factor against the site will be content, especially photos. I can only do so many events a year, so please contribute to this site, it will not take a lot of time to put it all online. To make it grow though, I need your help, so together let’s make this site great!

I need your help, monster trucks need your help! Together we can do it!